Avalon Market Validations

"When it comes to Fair Market Value, I've noticed that most entrepreneurs
have a tendency to see what they want to see
~John Bates, Past President, Avalon Advisors

Wishful thinking?... perhaps!

Avalon Advisors' exclusive
Market Validation is a comprehensive
assessment of a company's strategic market/investment value, based
on proven market dynamics and company "value drivers," such as
growth potential, tangible and intangible assets, intellectual property,
company trends and industry trends, Mergers & Acquisition (M&A)
market environment, and much more.

All business owners and company shareholders who are considering
selling should only enter the market to do so with advance knowledge
of true market values, not only wishful thinking!

Valuation Advisory Report Forms and Fee Structure
Competent, confidential, unambiguous, and unbiased, each form
provides a different level of analysis, expertise, and assurances for the

We regularly service the Orange County, Los Angeles County, Inland
Empire (Riverside County & San Bernardino County), San Diego County,
Las Vegas and Phoenix areas.
More than 1,000 businessvaluations performed
since 1995!
Spectrum Corporate Resources, LLC
sponsors a network of professional
intermediaries and valuation experts to
facilitate your company's
merger/acquisition activity.